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Comment ranger son sac ?

How to store your bag?

I don't know how many bags you have in your wardrobe but for my part there are already some. We sometimes forget it, but storing an object correctly allows it to be kept for longer. The storage will allow us not to damage the product.

Let's take the example with a pair of shoes; a shoe tree will help keep the shape of the shoe and avoid being crushed in the closet.

Let's do the same with our bags! I suggest three quick steps to store them. We could almost speak of a little spa session for him.

First step: prepare it

First of all, before storing it, you will have to empty it. This will avoid looking for lost objects at the bottom of each stowed bag. Then I invite you to dust it off and clean it.

I will post you soon on Instagram and here my tips for cleaning your bag.

Second step: protect it

We love a bag for its shape and design. It is very common for some bags to lose their shape because their owner will have overfilled it or put too heavy objects inside.

That's why I invite you to line it with tissue paper (tips: get the presentation tissue paper, it's there for that) or newspaper.

Third step: put it away

We invite you to always keep your bags, accessories and ready-to-wear away from light and dry.

Each Darovia bag comes with a pouch and a box. Do not hesitate to put it back in its pouch and/or its box to store it.

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I remain available to answer your questions.

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