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Bag maintenance

Darovia Paris thanks you for your confidence and hopes that your new bag will quickly become your best ally.

Darovia bags are made of natural semi-aniline "full grain" leather by craftsmen who are passionate about this material.

Natural leathers require a few precautions to allow them to last over time.

Your bag will need some care on your part to be able to evolve at best.

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  • Daily

Your Darovia bag will follow you everywhere in your daily life!

Our craftsmen advise you not to overfill your bag or put items that are too heavy, which could distort its original shape.

Light leathers require a little more care. Repeated rubbing of light leather against dark material (black jeans for example) can cause marks to appear on the leather.

The thing to remember: leather does not like being in contact with hydroalcoholic gel, perfume, lipstick and ink. He risks being scarred for life.

  • The climate

Very sensitive, leather can be capricious with the weather. Too long exposure to the sun or abundant contact with water can change its color or texture.

The designer's advice: in case of contact with water, use a dry cloth to wipe the leather and avoid the appearance of marks or blisters.

  • His rest time

We advise you not to wear it every day for years. Give it a few breaks away from light in a dry place.

The designer's advice: line it with tissue paper and store it in its pouch and/or in its box, so it can rest in the shelter while keeping its original shape.

  • Give us your bag

In case of damage, deformation or any other problem, we invite you to join the Darovia Paris team to entrust us with your bag.

Email address: 

The whole team advises you to use Saphir brand products to maintain your bag on a daily basis.

We wish great experiences with your bag and thank you for trusting us.


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