Darovia Paris dans le Pollen Magazine

Darovia Paris in Pollen Magazine

The Pollen Magazine ( www.pollenmag.com ) is a Belgian magazine distributed throughout the territory in the most beautiful places (from old Belgian houses to new trendy places). The magazine highlights prestigious Belgian and foreign brands.


“POLLEN's vocation goes beyond the vision of a simple magazine… Combining aesthetics and modern simplicity, its large format takes its readers to an exclusive perspective thanks to beautiful photographs and sharp content. The concept of POLLEN is the pollination of elegance, know-how, trends and quality thanks to the actors who are highlighted there. » source Pollenmag.com

The magazine becomes an object of art in your interior. The cover of #23 is just splendid and will bring a colorful touch to your coffee table.


I invite you to discover the article here


For the Belgians who read me, open your eyes you should find it at the bend of a shop, a hotel or a restaurant


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