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Comment remplacer votre corde ?

How to replace your rope?

The strings of our bags are made in France from organic cotton. During the manufacturing process, our rope factory applies an outdoor waterproofing product to guarantee a long life.


The waterproofing agent :

We're not going to hide it, it's there to save your bag from a spilled coffee or glass of red wine.

As a Parisian, I never say no to a café terrace. But my years of experience have taught me that a spilled drink can be fatal to a bag!


I wanted your rope to also survive the unexpected of everyday life.


The choice of cotton:

We discussed for a long time about the rope and its composition in order to make it as robust as possible. We have chosen to prioritize the quality of the product. The organic cotton rope offers suppleness and softness. And to be honest, it's the most beautiful on leather  


It is for all these reasons that we have worked hard on a solution allowing you to replace your rope; anytime from your home.


Tips: find new strings sold by the pair in the Accessories tab.


Changing the rope:

Nothing's easier ! Remove your old rope and take the new one.

Be careful to keep all the leather elements.


Then we invite you to slide the rope through each eyelet. Then pass each leg of the rope through the leather yoke (at Darovia we call them little butterflies). Be careful not to turn the rope in the wrong direction or it will become less compact. The final touch, hang up the handle starting with the front strap and then the back strap.


I invite you to take a look at the photos or discover our Real explanation on Instagram.


To your comments: send me your desires of colors for your strings to make your Caroline evolve according to your desires.


Beautiful day


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